24 Hours of Gaming 6

September 27, 2014

Well, here we are again. This is the sixth time I have attempted to complete a 24-hour gaming marathon. Today’s planned agenda is about a 50-50 split between backlog and games from this year. A lot of repeats show up from the last several marathons, but hopefully I’ll be finishing many of them soon.

I’m naturally beginning with Final Fantasy VIII. I put about 7 hours of time into the game in between marathons, and I must say that I will have the game beat either before the next one and finish it off in the next marathon. I hit my first difficulty hurdle in the game and have grinded for over four hours. Let’s hope it was enough.
It was enough. It was by no mean a smooth victory, but a victory nonetheless. It takes me a long time to find Trabia garden tucked neatly away in the middle of some mountains. Who would of thought that piloting a giant mobile fortress would be awkward and unwieldy to drive?

It is also still amazing that a game from 1999 has a character named “Selphie” in it.
Final Fantasy VIII is trying to win me back over with a series of really cool scenes. The clash of the Gardens section is quite impressive; two flying fortresses repeatedly ramming into each other makes for the quite the spectacle. It’s just too bad that the Junction and Draw systems are so incredibly terrible. The end of the game is in sight now. I’m 28 hours deep and approximately 75% through the game.
Maybe I will actually get to a fight in my third hour of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. I’m not holding my breath.
Well, I was wrong. I was in a fight within 5 min of starting it up.

It was the only fight, however. The game says so much without saying much of value at all. Overall though, I’m enjoying Chronophantasma.
Yoshi’s New Island is a little disappointing, especially from a musical perspective. But I haven’t been hating my time with it thus far.

I complete World 3, and the game is still largely unoriginal and uninspired, but also inoffensive at the same time.
Grandia II is becoming a staple of my 24 hour marathons.

Grandia progressed very smoothly. I’m looking for a sword the great… Granasaber… the proper nouns in this game can get a little corny.
Thus begins the Mega Man block. Last time it was Mega Man 1-3, this time it is Mega Man 4-6.
Mega Man 4 is solid, safe, and kind of forgettable. The boss line-up is not terribly strong and the stages are not quite distinctive visually or design way. The music is not the best either. It’s not bad, but not great.

Mega Man 5 is immediately better than 4. The levels have a more distinct art direction, the weapons, in particular, are pretty cool especially the Gryo Attack. Gravity Man’s stage is very good.
A lot Mega Man 3 for us next time, our patience for Mega Man 6 had been long spent by the time we got to it. Three Mega Man games in a row is one too many it seems. On the upside, MM6 probably had the best music of the three today. So that leaves my rankings being: 2 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 4 – 6.

The amount of cutscenes in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is truly impressive. They are gorgeous, and the presentation of the game is phenomenal.

I am a total of 5 hours into the game and enjoying it greatly. Hopefully it can fulfill the enormous amount of potential the opening hours instill.
Only two games have appeared on every single one of my marathons, the first is, of course, Final Fantasy VIII, the second is The Wonderful 101. Ideally, this will be the last time it appears. The end is near I can taste it.

I finish Operation 7 and start Operation 8, the end of the game has to be close.
Super Paper Mario continues to be a very strange game. I wrapped up World 3 and the boss of the area was quite ridiculous. It was a chameleon who embodied nearly every nerd/otaku stereotype that one could imagine.

Next up is Tales of Xillia 2. I was bummed that I have not had enough time to really dig my teeth into ToX2, and now I finally get that opportunity.

I ended up playing the rest of the night/morning. It is solid. It is good to be back in the world, but there are some glaring problems that will hopefully not last the entire game. Time will tell.
That was a long day. #6 complete. See ya next time.

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