BADGP Reviews: Weapon Shop de Omasse

4geekslikeyouweaponshopReleased: February 20, 2014

Derek Buzan

After fighting a 6 headed gopher, you drag your bitten and gory body up a hill to find a little shack that has smoke bellowing from the small stone chimney on top. This shack is familiar to you, and you have walked in and out of the front door many times. You enter the through front door and you are greeted by a young apprentice and a mountain of a man that looks like he could break you into two. You reach in your pocket and hand them a shiny sword that just saved your life. You also hand them a small fee for the blade rental and tell them your story. This is what Weapon Shop de Omasse all about!


In this game you follow the story of a young apprentice that is trying to help revive his Sensei’s shop that is not doing well in these new times. Instead of just making and selling swords for ridiculous high prices, the apprentice throws out the idea that the best solution for these new times is to rent out weapons they create. The Sensei goes along with this, but I am not sure if he likes it. While you are creating weapons, there is a terrible evil that is growing within the world. There is a mighty demon that is growing in power and only a mighty Hero can save the world. The only problem is that this warrior will need the right weapon for the job. So right off the bat the game has a timer for your impending doom and you have to rush to make sure that you can get the Weapon Shop up and going with master crafted weapons by the end of the game.



With a lacking of story, the game will need some good gameplay to keep it afloat. The game has many simple mechanics mashed together, and none of them push the boundaries of what we have already been accustomed to.   The game is a mix between a chance, rhythm, and resource game. When creating a new weapon you are to “hammer” out the excess metal to create a form that was shown to the player previously. You are not allowed to hit the weapon in certain areas or you’ll receive an X and it will cancel out your “multiplier”. The bigger the multiplier, the stronger your weapon is.   Sounds easy right? Nope, the game also throws in a rhythm section on top of it. So not only do you have to hit in the right areas on your screen, you also have to match the rhythms of the taps, this is what creates your Multiplier. While doing all of that, there is a meter that is constantly decreasing. This is the heat of your blade that you are working on. Each blade has its own bar that has a different range to it. If you hit the blade while it is out of the perfect heat range, you can break your weapon, making all the recourses you used for it garbage. To keep your weapon hot enough the player keeps sticking the weapon back into the coals to heat it up, but be careful. If the blade gets put back into the coals too long or too often the weapon’s durability will decrease! All of these steps are important because at the end of this mini game your sword will be given its Stats and abilities, depending on how well you did. There are three different attack stats that are affected. These attack stats are Slash, Blunt, and Pierce.   You can help boost stats or abilities with different resources you can buy or find. These come into use when you are renting out weapons to customers.

When a customer arrives in the store, he/she will be a character or an NPC. They will be asking for a weapon for some sort of mission. This mission can be fora monster hunt, a boss fight, or even for practicing. But each character will have a stat card filled out so you can best match him/her to the best weapon. To do so, you’ll have to match the weapon’s level with the Customer’s level, try to get the best weapon that the customer is comfortable with, like a blunt weapon or a spear, and make sure the attack Stats on the weapon line up with your customer’s strength and the enemy’s weakness.  It seems like a lot to sink in, but it is super simple after you help a couple of customers. After they leave the shop with the weapon you can keep in contact and get updates by the level grinder system. This will keep the player updated on the events of the character. This is where the luck comes into play. There are three things that can happen to your weapon when it is out of your shop, the weapon can break, it can be lost, or it can be returned. This will be up to the player you gave it to and also the customer’s skill with the weapon you chose to give them. If the customer loses or breaks your weapon, you will not receive a fee and you will lose a weapon to lend out. This also reduces your store’s total points. When a sword is returned, that sword receives experience and it also increased the stores points. When you receive more points, the shop will be able to build better and stronger weapons. After you receive a weapon the player can choose to polish it. If the weapon is polished the weapon will increase its Stats all around. The only downside of doing this is that you waste some time while polishing. This will detract from the time for making weapons and in turn hinder the Weapon Store from increasing shop points. At the end of the day you will receive a score on how you did that day. This will be affected on how many weapons you made that day, how many weapons were lost, how many quests were completed, and how much money was earned.



The games music is not too bad. It is a lot of fun to listen to, and the talking dialogue has a laugh track behind it. It made me smile at times when a character would say a joke and the laugh track would start in. It just felt really cheesy, but in a good way. During the rhythm portions, it felt like there were only three songs to listen to. This was okay because of how quick making weapons was, but I felt like they could have gotten some more variety.


The animations are decent in this game and it had kind of that old school anime feel to it. Some of the character creations are pretty good and I was always excited to see the newt “hero” character that popped into the store. The art and graphics fit perfectly into this little package.


This game is really fun, and if you ever thought of what it was like to own a weapon shop in a game, this game is it. It has many funny moments and I like how short and simple it is. I can get my fix of this game in just a couple of minutes and complete several tasks to help my store’s overall score


It is not a very hard game so there is little satisfaction to actually beating it. The story is pretty lack luster and super simple. None of the characters actually develop, they mostly stay the same. I also hoped for more things to do in the game. After about 4 hours of playing the game, the gameplay is almost too repetitive.



This game is really good for the money. I would buy it again for 8 dollars if I had to. It is one of those quirky games that you could get into if you like it a lot. Don’t buy this game if you are wanting something crazy new, but if you are looking for a way to spend some time while making your mark on the RPG world, then why not buy Weapon Shop de Omasse!


5.6 out of 10


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