War Thunder Impressions


Derek Buzan

If you ask me, “Hey Derek, do you like dogfighting games?” I would say,” Hell yeah I do!”

“Hey Derek, do you like driving tanks around and blowing up other tanks?”

“You bet your hairy balls I do!”

“Would you like to do both in the same game?”

“You bet your….. wait, they have a game like that?”

Enter War Thunder. A game of simulated dog fights and tank wars! A game so hardcore you would think life as you know it will end and kill you in your sleep if you crashed in this game!

In War Thunder for the PS4 you have the options of playing in two different types of battle: Tanks or Planes. The first thing I noticed was that lives really matter in this game. You are limited to a specific number of lives during a match, so don’t go throwing your life away when your team needs you! You start off with three similar planes and once you die three times, you are done for the match. So you get to cry in front of you monitor while you watch everyone else having the best time of their lives.

Your planes are pretty fragile in this game. There are a couple of places that can take damage, such as your wings, body, and engine. These things will affect your flying, so don’t think that having holes in your wings make your plane look cooler. On several occasions, I’ve had my engine go out because it took too many bullets. Also, I’ve experienced both of my wings getting blown off and I fell straight to the earth, like a giant lawn dart. I even laughed at my own demise.

shot 2013.07.11 19.21.49 copy

Tanks are no different in this aspect. You can shoot out treads, commander, co-pilot, and engines. I am also surprised on how much health a tank does have compared to planes. Another cool aspect a tank can do is that they self-fix themselves. This takes forever! So don’t ever think that this will be a saving grace in a head to head tank fight. Both of these vehicles can zoom in and the tank can look through sights. This zoom feature is super useful and is almost necessary for the tanks to get your critical hits in.

Both the Driving/Flying in this game are good, but not as good as one could imagine. The flying handles the better of the two and it is pretty smooth in nearly all aspects. The tanks are not as intuitive as I thought it could have been. I can’t simply rotate my tank left and right sitting in place. I have to be moving in some forward motion to actually turn. You get used to this, but I wish I could control it a little bit better.

In this game you receive research points after completing matches. These points go into planes or tanks that need to be created and you can choose which planes you want to research. Some planes need previous requirement just like the tanks. You’ll need the previous vehicles to actually start researching some vehicles. Also, with every vehicle you will also be researching weapons and different things that could affect your vehicle, like better ammo to kill your friends with! You also get two other types of points. We have taken to calling them Lion and Eagle points. This is because they look like lion heads and eagles. But these points will increase the speed on some research, kind of like Civilization. These points can also be used to hire pilots, so you can have more lives and buying prompted upgrades at the end of matches. The Lion head currency is also used to restock ammo on your vehicles and also repair your crashed planes. So if you can, try to land every plane that gets shot down!


In Airplane battles there are different types of “modes” you could choose from. There is Arcade, Historical, and realistic (I think, I don’t want to look up something that’s not even playable yet). In Arcade mode two teams fight over objectives while trying to shoot each other’s planes down. This is kind of a fun twist because this allows you to either shoot down enemy planes or try finishing off the objectives before you opponent.  I have not seen any match actually end because everybody’s plane died, but I think it is highly possible. Historical Mode are reenactments of old War scenarios that happened. These and Realistic have not been released yet, but I hope they get around to it soon.

This game is a load of fun and I can’t wait to see more of the game. There is a ton of things to unlock and you have to do different research trees for every Nation it seems. That is a crap ton of time! For a free to play game on the PS4, this game is a must if you are trying to find a good cheap filler game till the next “great” game comes out. Play it foo!

Keep in not that I am still playing the game and if I missed any points that you found awesome, please let me know in the comments!


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