BADGP Reviews: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy


Derek Buzan


After playing Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask and getting a huge cliff hanger, I was excited for the next installment of the Layton series.  When The Azran Legacy was launched I was excited to pick this game up, but something was different. I wasn’t playing this game for the puzzles this time; I was more focused on the story. This was mostly because I was hearing that this was the final game of the Layton series, and having everything being wrapped up in one game seemed super intriguing!


Professor Layton, Emmy, and Oliver are all back again on this big adventure. There didn’t seem much of a time jump from the last game, but at the end of Miracle Mask we saw Bronev looking at an Azran site supposedly. This never plays a big part in the game, but you get to see Bronev early in the Azran Legacy. We get to see Professor Layton fist going to a city to help one of his old friends Professor Sycamore solve a weird archeological find. Sycamore has found a girl frozen in a giant wall of ice and he believes that she is from an ancient civilization. So after solving a puzzle the girl ends up thawing and it turns out that she is from the Azran Era and that she has the ability to control Azran technology. This girl’s name is Aurora, yes just like Storm from X-men. After using her powers to read some wall glyphs, you are thrown into an adventure to find 5 missing Azran eggs. Thank goodness you have a Dragonball reader with you! You use Sycamore’s ship and the girl’s power to find 5 islands where the eggs could be, and then you have to search through the area to find the eggs. These eggs can be anywhere, and occasionally you are forced to do tasks so you can receive an egg. During Layton’s biggest Easter egg hunt Targent, an evil organization ran by Bronev, is also searching for the eggs so that they can use them for power and knowledge.  On the way around the globe Layton thwarts Targent’s plans with a handful of “mind blowing moments”, and in the end saves the day.  Near the end, the game drops a couple of bombs that were not impressive. It felt like they were trying too hard to wow the player and blind side them. It was super cheesy and I thought that they would have tried harder if this game was supposed to be the last in this series, but after the dust settled I was left with a big “To be continued” In my face. So maybe this isn’t the end for Layton? There is way more that happened in this game, but that is something you should find out for yourself!



There is nothing to write home about here, if you played one Layton game you have played them all. You still have to tap around and finds puzzles and hint coins. They did add a ton of mini games in this installment. I didn’t play too many of these games, but I could respect that the game tried to give the player a bit of variety during the main story. They also give you a slew of collectables so you’ll never get tired of tapping all around. None of this adds to the game overall and can easily be forgotten. I guess it’s a little better than making a guinea pig dance and climb on stuff from the last game. The puzzles in this game are the same types that you will see from the previous installments but they all still work well and some of them can easily trip you up.


Guess what? The puzzle music never changed! It’s the same music for hours and hours of gameplay. I was hoping that they would have gotten a little more creative this time around and thought of something new for the puzzle themes, but I guess I was wrong. It’s not a bad tune so I’ll let it slide, *sigh*. In the other parts of the game, the music plays a better role for creating the mood for each island you come across. Nothing is super memorable but it does make for some seamless gameplay that doesn’t make you cringe when you hear sour notes being played.


The game looks great! The cut scenes are some of the best in the series, and I got super excited every single time I got to see one. The colors are still crisp and the characters are still fun to look at. It is a believable world that they create and some of the scenes just take you aback at moments.



This game is good. I think they could have done something different to liven up the gameplay, but you know what they say,” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That’s exactly how I would describe this game, same old Layton, just a different story. If you played the other games and enjoyed them I would pick up this game if you were curious about the future of Layton. If you are thinking about buying this game because you had an interest in the series, don’t do it. There is a bunch of story the game doesn’t tell you, and you would be lost on what is happening.  There is a ton of cheaper and older Layton games to sink your teeth into to see if you like the taste. If you still don’t know, then I guess that is a puzzle that you need to solve for yourself!

PROS:                                Cons:

+great cut scenes           -same game play

+hours of puzzles          -same music

+Beautiful Art Work      -cheesy twists in story

+100+ puzzles!              -similar puzzles


6.8 out of 10

2 responses to “BADGP Reviews: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy”

  1. Trish Ling says :

    The “to be continued…” at the end (indeed the whole after credits movie) is the lead to the first game in the series, The Curious Village. it is not in any way hinting towards another game.

    Why is this?

    Because, chronologically, after the Azran Legacy comes The Curious Village. Anyone who has played the series will recognize the after credits scene as the opening scene of the prologue to The Curious Village. The dialogue is identical, though the video is redone and the voices are rerecorded.

    I’m not sure if you know this, but the Professor Layton series is made up of two trilogies, not just the two 3DS titles.

    The original trilogy is The Curious Village, The Diablical Box, and The Unwound Future- all on the DS..

    The prequel trilogy is The Last Specter (DS), The Miracle Mask, and the Azran Legacy (both 3DS).

    • Derek Buzan says :

      Whoa, I had no idea the the series was broken down like that. I have only played and beaten miracle mask and the Azran Legacy. So does his brother and Dad show up or mentioned in the original trilogy? Thanks for laying down the knowledge!

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