BADGP Reviews: Mario Golf: World Tour


Released: May 2, 2014

Derek Buzan


When I first heard that the 3DS was receiving a Mario Golf game I never gave it a second thought, but then watching a couple of commercials I had a piqued interest. After getting home from work and talking with my roommates for about 10 minutes, I was in line at Walmart with a copy of the game in my hand along my roommates with theirs. I have to say, I was not let down.


Even though I owned a 64 and a GameCube, I never actually played a Mario Golf game. With nothing to compare it to, I have heard it plays like any other Mario Golf game.  There are two different stroke styles you can select from during game play: easy and normal. With beginner mode all you have to worry about is hitting A on the right distance on the increasing and decreasing bar. The normal way add whole bunch of options to your swing. Not only do you have to hit the A button going up for your strength and the A button again to hit the ball correctly, but there is also different combinations of back and top spins you can put on your ball. It may seem like a huge leap in play style, but it is something that can easily learn just after a few practice holes with your buds!


If that wasn’t enough for you to sink your teeth in, Mario Golf also adds items that players can use to give their golf balls different attributes. Such as using a Bullet Bill upgrade will turn your ball into a rocket and fly straight through the air without the wind knocking it about. Each item has their own unique style of use, but can only be used in multiplayer matches and some challenge modes.


There is not much of a story in Mario Golf: World Tour. You play as a Mii that you have already created and you start playing at a Golf Resort that has Ace players, Bowser, Yoshi, etc.  In this mode you go up the rankings and play in tournaments to compete for 3 different Cups.  While you compete you get coins to unlock more equipment and clothes. These items will increase some of your stats, but not too much where it becomes unbalanced for other players.


Apart from the short story mode, there is a challenge mode. This actually feels like the story mode to me, because this is how you unlock characters, Holes, and items.  These challenges have a good variety for each different area.  Most of the challenges are getting your ball through or near a certain location and also end the hole by getting Par. There are also challenges where you play an NPC to unlock their “Star” skin. These skins are just a juiced up versions of themselves so it can give you an edge against your competitive friends. There is also a timed challenge where you play three holes in a certain amount of time. These challenges are probably my least favorite because I always end up having only less than 10 seconds on the clock.


The Multiplayer is the strongest part of this game. You can play with people in tournaments around the world and also collect other Nation’s wardrobes. You can also play with your friends locally, but they will need to have their own copies of the game. Playing against your friends you can pick from you Mii or the huge roster of Nintendo characters. The cool part about Multiplayer is that you can customize the games to your liking, such as you can play with items or not, how many holes you want to play, or what style of play you want to play with. This could be a traditional play style or it could be a score attack game. It doesn’t flip the game on its head, but it is something else to play with your friends.



This game may not look the prettiest, but it looks super good on the 3DS. The 3D effect in this game is one of the better looking games and it keeps with the usual colorful and artsy feel to the Mario franchise. The music on this is also well done. It plays a lot of the familiar classics but also twists some of the songs around. Nothing that will jump out at you but the game has a really good presentation.


This game is great for short burst plays and it has some really fun challenges to try to beat. This game offers a golf fanatic endless hours of play. There are a lot to unlock and it is a load of fun to play with some friends. The price tag is only 30 dollars!


The single player is short, super short. The only way to get all of your money out of this game is by playing challenges or playing online. The items in the store don’t really change the stats that much, I understand you need some middle ground with online play, but if I have played 30 more hours on challenges than someone else, I would like to have some kind of advantage. It is not a big con, but when you start the game you only have 2 levels to play on with your friends. I just wanted to play multiplayer when I picked it up, but only having 2 levels kind of hurt my experience of the game.



This game is a good solid purchase. You might not get anything crazy awesome, but it is a great 3DS title through and through. If you are looking for something to scratch your competitive online itch, then this is the game for you. It’s not for everyone so see if you can rent it first if you think you would hate it.  It is 30 dollars for a good Mario game, what more can I say.


7.8 out of 10


One response to “BADGP Reviews: Mario Golf: World Tour”

  1. suburbantimewaster says :

    I played Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 a long time ago and I thought it was boring.

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