BADGP Reviews: South Park: The Stick of Truth


South Park Stick of Truth (Ubisoft, Obsidian)

Released: March 4, 2014

Derek Buzan & Zach Buzan


In a mystic land with dark and powerful magic, you are challenged with fighting Wizards, holding off Nazi zombies, and in charge to stop the largest Taco Bell cover up story in history? That’s right, from the makers of South Park comes the largest South Park Adventure to date: The Stick of Truth!


The story of Stick of Truth revolves around a new kid that has just moved to the town of South Park.  This new kid will see many different characters and be involved with many side quests throughout his journey. The story starts out with joining Cartman’s LARP army to protect the Stick of Truth from falling into the hands of Kyle’s elven army. The story is fast paced and is crammed with jokes and Easter eggs that fans of the show and RPGs will enjoy. The main quest is around 15 hours in length, but that does not hinder any of the fun that you will experience along the way. The story is short, but after playing with one character class you will want to play it through again with the other classes. The game, very much like the show, it is not afraid to stretch the boundaries of its humor. The game is rated for mature audiences and it shows through its humor and level designs. Not many games recently have been able keep me entertained for hours on end without looking at the time, but the Stick of Truth kept me so engrossed with the story and characters that I found myself playing for lengthy sessions at a time.



The game looks exactly as if it were the T.V. Show. The actions and movements of all of the character have been painstakingly recreated to look like the T.V. show. The music in this game is top notch, with a lot of the music coming from the television show itself. Such as blame Canada, or even Kyle’s mom is a big fat… well you get the picture.  I kept jumping up and down whenever I came across something that happens in the show and that it looks just like the show. The town looks great, and it is just big enough to the point where I never felt discouraged about searching every corner of the town.  At certain points in the town the game the frame rates dip, due to the amount of information on the screen, but the PC version of the game runs the smoothest (played on PS3).  I also like all the details the game threw in from the show, and also the town kept changing from what happened previously in the town.  First you are living in a quiet mountain town and then you are running through a crazed Nazi Zombie apocalypse. It is a blast to see and bunch more fun to see where the game is going.



The main objective throughout the game is for your character to obtain as many friends on Facebook that you can. Some characters become friends by talking to them while others will need you to perform small tasks. Upon receiving a certain amount of friends your character will receive perks that you can assign to the character which will help in combat. The core combat is a turn-based RPG that uses action buttons to perform critical hits and blocks. This combat system is seen in a few games such as Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, and the Mario & Luigi series. One of the many enjoyable parts of the combat system is the use of buffs and debuffs.  Stick of Truth has a huge focus on status changes and this affects battles greatly. Whether you are grossing out the enemy or creating shields for your party members, you will need to use status effects to get through the story especially towards the end.  As you complete quests and defeat enemies your character will level up and find new equipment to use. The game consistently gives you new weapons, armor and upgrades to equip so that you never feel stuck with the same gear for long. Outside of the main combat there are many items in the world that can be activated or destroyed. These items can give you items, a new path to explore or help defeat enemies without having to combat with them. The only negative thing that I have to bring up with the gameplay is that it pushes you to play quickly.  Every time in combat that you take longer than a few moments the NPCs will complain or make fun on how much time you are taking on your turn in the fight. At first it was humorous but by the end of the 15 hour story it just got annoying and repetitive.



Like all games, this game isn’t for everyone, but I do recommend it to anybody that is looking for a light-hearted, fun game. If you love or like South Park, buy this game. If you are “meh ” to South Park, rent this game. I don’t like RPGs that much and this game was a blast to get through and I am going to go back and play it again when I have enough free time. This game is already a top contender for  Game of the Year.


Derek: 9.0           Zach: 9.0

BAD: 9.0 out of 10

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