BADGP Reviews: Gunpoint


Gunpoint (Suspicious Developments)

Released: June 3, 2013

December 4, 2013

Brock Morgan & Alex Linna

Review: Crosslinking, Bullfrog Trousers, and Dialogue Choices, Oh My!

What is Gunpoint?

Gunpoint is a game made by three people, and, in their words, is “a 2D stealth game about rewiring things and punching people.” You play an amateur spy who acquires a pair of a Bullfrog Trousers, allowing him to jump over great distances, and a Crosslink Device, allowing him to hack into just about anything using electricity and manipulate those devices in interesting ways. This could mean linking a light switch to a door, meaning that the door opens when a guard attempts to turn some lights back on, or setting a camera to deactivate a guard’s weapon when they walk through its path. A series of missions takes your character through a series of interesting, often humorous interactions with the people hiring you, often allowing you to choose your character’s dialogue along the way. Once the game is over, these dialogue choices, along with your actions during levels, you’ll receive a blog post that chronicles your 2-3.5 hour journey.

Ok, those are the cold, hard facts. What did we think of all this, though?


Brock’s Take

Man, did I love Gunpoint. I’m a sucker for a stealth game, and I really appreciated that Gunpoint allows you to play as stealthily or violently as you’d like. Whereas Alex beat the game in about two hours, the game took me at least three and a half to complete, and it was largely due to my desire to complete each mission like the super-spy my character wanted to be. The game plays well a lot of the time, though I did find myself occasionally leaping into some less-than-desirable situations accidentally.  The upgrade system gives you some nifty abilities, and the music is AMAZING, and suits the game perfectly. The difficulty curve ramps nicely, and some of the later puzzles end up being quite difficult to solve.

My main problem with Gunpoint is that it is so very short. I beat the game in one sitting, and while I very much enjoyed that session, it left me wanting much, much more. While I have replayed the game one and a half more times, these later playthroughs take so little time that it wasn’t quite satisfying. I’m not much of one for level editors, and there may be some great user-created levels out there, but I’ve got to consider only what ships with the base purchase. What’s there is great, and I’d recommend this game to just about anybody, especially if the game is on sale. Those looking for a unique stealth experience on PC should don their Bullfrog Trousers and leap their way into Gunpoint as soon as possible.

Alex’s Take

Gunpoint is a game of a few excellently executed ideas.  The look and sound of the game are simple by design and allow the cool gameplay to take center stage while also allowing for a somewhat interesting narrative of murder, mystery, and espionage.  Gunpoint builds very nicely over the short 2 hours that make up the experience.  There is a lot to do with color and a lot to do with stealth.  The player controls security equipment like cameras and mechanical doors to advance through levels as stealthfully as the player desires. I found the game to be more fun brute forcing it, but playing stealthfully will require more skill and patience than I had for Gunpoint.

What Gunpoint boils down for me is that it is very short and very sweet.  The mechanics are fun, interesting, and perhaps most importantly, unique.  I had fun with my time in Gunpoint, the dialogue choices were consistently funny, and the ending screen/blog post made the whole thing worth it.  I would have liked it to be about 4-5 times longer, but there is a level creator if I really wanted more.


Alex: 7.5         Brock: 8.0       BAD: 7.8 out of 10 



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