BADGP Reviews: Battlefield 4


Battlefield 4  (EA, DICE)

Released: October 29, 2013

December 1, 2013

Derek Buzan


If you are ever in question of what a hyped up game looks like, this game is it. With hundreds of trailers and commercials, and with tons of pre-orders for all of the consoles, it would be hard trying to ignore this game. I played Battlefield 3 a lot and I was skeptical to what this new installment would bring new to this franchise, but when I got my hands on the game myself, all of my answers were answered.

The story within the single-player campaign is a wannabe action film. The explosions are there, the backstabbing is there, and a lot of yelling. The story is just lacking something that I cannot put my finger on that would make it memorable. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few moments that I remember, such as being chased by a helicopter, or riding in a boat through a typhoon.  These are pretty awesome and gorgeous moments and I would recommend anybody to play through these scenes. The character relationships with each other were a bit cheesy, and I felt like in some moments they were forced. With one of your squad members always causing trouble and not trusting other members, you kind of wish you could put a bullet into his head.  The story is super short and it feels that DICE didn’t take too much time on it. It looks good, and it is way better than Battlefield 3’s story. I do have to give them credit though; the enemy is no longer Germans or some Middle East country. DICE chose to go with the Chinese, which proved to be a good idea for different environments within the story.


The visuals in this game are remarkable, and with it running in 1080p and 60 fps, it is hard to find fault in this department. The only time I have noticed any frame rate issues was online, and I am pretty sure it was my internet acting up. With the game taking you to some Chinese cities, it was impressive to see what DICE could show off on a huge urban map. Not are the maps visually compelling, but they are technically astounding! Not all the buildings break away when being blasted at with artillery, but there is a giant skyscraper that can come tumbling down in the middle of the map. There is a one of these “Map Changing” scenarios in each of the online maps and it is fun to see happen each time. The game also takes you up in the hills to show off a snow-covered mountain with a Jail hidden within.  The graphics never looked off and it is one of the best reasons to play this game.

Musically, this game is nothing but scores.  However, you can never here it over the sounds of gunfire or explosions to make a difference. Personally, I thought the game would fare just as well with no music at all, but here are enough sound effects to make a soundtrack out of itself.

The game play is really comfortable and feels a little bit smoother than Battlefield 3. The slide function works really well and that it feels normal to actually perform the action.  Other than the new lean function and counter knifing within the game, not much was touched of its already perfect controls.


Multiplayer is the same, but it has had its share of black eyes since the game has been launched. The game has been notorious for kicking players out of a game they are playing and not even signing players into a server to play a match. The game also had issues where it would have corrupted data on a profile. This meant that you had to start back over from the beginning and that any progress you have made in the campaign was lost forever. This would have been fine if it was BF3, but in BF4 you have to play the campaign to actually unlock all of the weapons.  So, any weapons that you played hours for, would just be gone the next time you booted up the game. Another big drawback was that there is no pre-game lobby for you and your friend to log on to, so that you could all join a server as a squad. For all of these draw backs, I would have easily given this game a 2 out of ten on how bad the game is, but DICE finally came out with a patch that actually fixed these problems. This took about a week and half to do, but the game’s online is playable again! The online multiplayer is the only reason why you would or should pick up Battlefield 4. The game has many different modes to play around with.  Such as obliteration, where you activate a bomb on an enemy’s HQ, Rush (A Defend the Base scenario), the infamous Conquest, and many more. With so many unlockables and 5 expansion packs already announced. Battlefield 4 will be a game that will be played for a very long time.


If you want a FPS where you can get a different experience every single time you play online, then this game is yours. If you just want a compelling story to play through, stay away! This game will not have what you want.

PROS: + Smooth Control

+ Great Maps

+Bunch of content

+ Great Graphics

CONS: -starting Bugs

– Short, forgettable story

-Cheesy story/Characters


Score: 8.2/10

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