BADGP Reviews: Mario Party Island Tour


Mario Party Island Tour  (Nintendo, Nintendo)

Released: November 22, 2013

November 24, 2013

Derek Buzan


I remember sitting around a Television set, yelling and screaming at my friends about them stealing a star from me and taking the 1st position from my grasp.  With a bunch of mini games and a good time, this is what I was expecting from the new Mario Party 3DS game.  Oh, was I wrong.


The game starts off with 6 board games unlocked and each of them have a different feel to them, but they have the same concept behind them. Make it to the end of the track and you win!  The boards will throw in some random effects, like a Bullet Bill knocking the players back to a spot or by collecting boosters to multiply your rolls. No more stars, no more coins. This in some cases is a good thing, but it makes everything too short to enjoy it. While it is trying to stay short for the common gamer, it takes a toll on the mini game department. Whenever you ask someone to describe Mario Party, you will find that mini games are usually brought up. This is what people want to play, and what does Nintendo do?  They make the mini games a place on the board. You could play for 20 minutes and never play a game!  I was very disappointed about this.  Talking about the boards, there are only two that make mini games a priority every turn. All the friends I played with did not like this at all.


But have no fear there is still a mini game mode where you can just play mini games! The option of just playing the mini games throws the other modes out of relevance. My friends and I just played for hours on this mode after playing two abysmal boards in party mode. Trust me, there was no party.  There are around 80 games and there are some diamonds in the ruff, but that also means that there are a pile of mini games that are a bore fest. One of the biggest flops was that there are no more 2v2 or 1v3!   Now it is just all for one mini games. The mini games as a whole seem like they were held back.

The last mode that this game has to offer is Bowser’s Tower. The tower has 30 levels of mini games and boss fights thrown into the mix. Most of these are super easy with a few spurts of difficulty. This is the only mode with some kind of a story. Fight your way to the top of the tower and beat Bowser, that’s it. Then when you beat him, he knocks you to the bottom informing you that you have to beat him again. Because of how much fun the tower was, I decided not to play that mode again. This is the only way to unlock the last board and it was kind of worth it.  You also unlock another character to choose from so there is some small reason to take on the tower.


After you play a game or some mini games, you earn points. With the points, you can buy the sound effects the characters make or the music for each of the levels. Not a very good incentive if you ask me, but there is something to collect I guess.  The graphics are not the greatest either. No smoothness felt like it was considered and the 3-D saves it from being a N64 game title.

This game is “meh,” you like it or you don’t. I could not recommend someone paying 40 dollars for this, but for the game to have download play…… it might just be. It really depends on your friends. Don’t get this if you are going to play by yourself, no one likes to play a game for 20 minutes just to be beaten by a computer that has no soul.

Pros:     +download play,

+Mini game mode

Cons:     -Graphics,

– lack of different games,

-lack of playable mini games (on board)



5 out of 10×348.jpg


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