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Knack  (Sony, Sony)

Released: November 15, 2013

November 23, 2013

Derek Buzan

Review: Knack Attack!

As a Launch title for the Playstation 4, Knack was put in the spotlight to be a big hit, and to show off the power of the new system. With the creator of many famous PlayStation games characters behind his back, Mark Cerny tries to show off another character of his creation in this fun and creative new world, but will Knack hold up to the hype of this new generation? Let’s find out!


Knack starts off by a human settlement being attacked by goblins, and the humans are trying to figure out how they can stop this brutal onslaught. From here on out, this game gets even cheesier with its lack of creativity.  So the humans pull all of their resources together and they decide to go with the rich “Tony Stark” guy that has crazy amounts of money and robots to back him up. This seems like a perfectly sound plan until the Doctor chimes in and says that he has created something that would help. His invention is Knack, this cute little guy that can grow to 3 stories tall if he gets enough relics. After proving Knack can join the team and fight the goblins, many bumps of drama are thrown in throughout the game. When I say thrown, I mean thrown. Whenever there is a good moment in the game it doesn’t actually talk about it much. It dwells on it for a few seconds and proceeds with the action. The developers threw in so many cliché story arches that it kind of gets stale, but as long as you keep in mind that this story was written for kids then everything is good.

The game mechanics are really smooth in this game. With only 4 buttons and two analog sticks to use, the game is super easy to learn and pick up. This is a double-edged sword to a game. On one side it is easy to get into, but on the bad side it means that there is little room to bring something new to the table with the controls. This doesn’t mean that this game will be a walk in the park. This game is tricky in some areas and it gets pretty stressful when the difficulty is turned up. The gameplay is refreshing and it is a nice throw back to the good old days of platforming, like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot.  There are only a few boss fights thrown into the game…*Cough* 4 * Cough* but they were a nice breath of fresh air throughout the story. These are your typical pattern memorization bosses so nothing is too hard after you watch movements for a few moments.


The one thing that kept me addicted to playing this game was finding the relics in the game. Relics are the hidden collectables hidden in the game that are collected to boost up Knack’s power and different abilities. Like a combo meter that makes Knack’s power grow stronger for how big the combo meter is. These things are everywhere and it is impossible to collect them all on your first run through. This means, replayability!


The music in this game is nothing to write home about and honestly I can barely remember any of it. Nothing stuck out at you and there are areas in the games where I had to laugh because of the choice of music. There are action scenes where they played soft music for crying out loud! The saving grace of this game is the visuals. It is really pretty and has a Pixar/DreamWorks animation feel, so being a fan of these movies it was a blast to see this game in motion. Even with all of the simple graphics though the game does have a tiny hiccup and that is its frame rates! Whenever I started one of my power plays there is a noticeable drop in frame rates, other than these small hiccups though everything ran smoothly.


Overall this game is good, not great. It deserves a play through and it is better than what a lot of reviewers are giving it. I would only recommend this game to only a few select friends that I know and who love games, so there is something there. I think people are rating this game on what it could be, not on what it is. It won’t turn heads, but there is something there that could grow into a bigger and better thing.


Rating: 7.0 / 10

Pros: visuals, simplicity, fluid

Cons: story, frame rates, music

Image Credits:×347/gaming-knack-screenshot-4.jpg


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