24 Hours of Gaming

24 Hours of Gaming

November 15, 2013

Alex Linna

Thoughts and Journal on the Experience

Here is the inspiration although I did not do it: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm

The writing will often seem disjointed with little editing, to preserve what and how I felt at the time which was often disjointed and unorganized.


Today begins an adventure.  At least, that is what I keep telling myself.  Much like the beginning of a quest to play video games for 24 straight hours, I am beginning with Final Fantasy VIII. I have never played the lengthy, meaty JRPG from Squaresoft.  It seemed somewhat analogous to do so, however.  The long and potentially taxing journey of both seem made for each other.


Spirits are high, I got started early!

The opening cut-scene plays in the background. It is a long scene. “Squall is such a bad boy.”  FFVIII seems to have more polys than FFVII, which I completed for the first time earlier this year.  I have a three-hour block to begin this day with the massive JRPG.  I have all 24 hours planned out. I am not sure if I will stick to it, but I will follow my gut.  Who knows? I could end up playing FFVIII for all 24 hours… actually, I do know, I am not going to do that.

Ah, beginning with schoolwork. What a strong and engaging way to start your engrossing RPG.  Squall insists to his teacher that he is “More complex than you think” we’ll see.  It should be noted that I began with FFVIII much against my roommate’s behest, assuring me that it is a terrible game and among the worst of Fantasies.  I disregarded his warnings, having heard some fairly sterling recommendations for the game, but we will see whom is/was right.  Seifer looks like Snow from FFXIII without the dumb hat.


It appears as though the tutorial takes place at Squall’s seat in class. I read, “GF data [for Squall]” and cannot help but think of “That feel when no GF.”  It looks like he has Quezacotl (which is high level demon in SMTIV) and Shiva… the destroyer.  I apparently start at level 7, wow I am good at this game.  Ugh… there is card game.  I tend to avoid those in RPGs. The only good in-game card games that I can think of are RAGE’s and maybe KORTOR’s.  I guess I kind of liked Mass Effect’s gambling too.  They have some fun with camera angles.  There is an incredibly high encounter rate.  The Junction system is weird with Pokemon-like skills being learned by the summons, but the skills then have to be assigned to the casters.  I guess the Materia system from FFVII was also kind of strange.


Guess I’ll go gamble.

The main focuses that went into my choosing of games today was to gain ground on games that 1. I need to review. 2. Games from 2013 and 3. Backlog.       

I just got Ifrit a fiery summon or GF. One might say that Ifrit is one hot GF.  Ifrit is also one of the great four spirits oft mentioned in Tales of Xillia.


Ifrit from Final Fantasy VIII.


I’m cracking into my first energy drink earlier than I was hoping. JAVA Monster Mean Bean.

Summon animations take forever.  I’m digging the pre-rendered graphics.  I lost about thirty minutes of progress due to hubris and not saving like an idiot.  After three hours with FFVIII I was not super impressed, but there is probably no JRPG that I would have been impressed by only the first three hours… maybe Xenoblade.


Switching it up to Naughty Dog’s Jak & Daxter. I complete 5% of the game and wonder around aimlessly for about 20 min trying to find what to do next.



Roommate suggests Demon’s Souls. We laugh hysterically.  Switching up to Raw Danger. I’m really excited about this one. This game is wonderful.  It is unique, but if forced to classify it into a genre, I would go with adventure/survival due to the strange systems of wetness and temperature.


The Rawest of Danger: People in mascot uniforms!


Starting up the second case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.  I’m playing as Apollo although I swore that Apollo told Phoenix he was leaving at the end of the first case.  Confusing, but also exciting.  They reveal the killer in the opening cut-scene; those cases tend to not be as good as the ones where they do not tell the player who did it beforehand.


New Character: Athena Cykes.


Papa John’s arrives.


I finally got to court in case two of Dual Destinies.  It was a weak first chapter. Not very impressed.  I’m sure it gets better.  I have two more hours of it scheduled during dinner time.


Jumping over to the Wonderful 101, which is probably the most demanding game on the docket for today… that is if I don’t break down and bust out DJ Hero at some point.  I had previously played about an hour, and the Wonderful 101 is still very shiny.  Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, or Fenris from Dragon Age II’s, voice actor: Gideon Emery is in the Wonderful 101. And he is still one of my favorite voice actors.  The game has great loading screens that allow the player to practice, much like Platinum’s Bayonetta.


Cool and very long boss fight.


Almost half way there!

Instead of keeping with the high-action after W101, I go off plan for a slower paced Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Feeling great!

This game really is gorgeous.  Shadow of the Colossus voices.  Music would fit in a SMT game, specifically Nocturne, but I also get flavors of Final Fantasy and Metroid Prime.

I really wanted to add Grandia II to the list, so that I would have a Dreamcast game, but Breath of Fire was calling to me more.  This isn’t 24 hours of JRPGs!  … although that could be a thing in the future.


I almost went back to SMT: Nocturne. I had it on the table in front of me the entire 24-hours just in case I changed my mind.

I’m struggling to comprehend how hardcore it is that one can restart this games at anytime and carry over equipment, items, and EXP.  It’s like an eject button.  That makes me wonder if the game will be artificially difficult as a result, but it is a cool idea nonetheless.


I have to restart twice, but next time I will be super strong!


Passed half! Not tired yet.  Dinner time!  I wonder what’s for dinner.  Left over pizza from lunch.  Yeah!  And back to Phoenix Wright because I can read and eat at the same time.  Back to court.  The prosecutor arrives from jail… interesting.  The cutscenes and in-game engine still look great.


What secrets does he hold?


And then there was Spartan: Total Warrior.  The last hour of Dual Destinies was tiring me out. Dang! That case is long. I put 5 hours into it today, and I am just over halfway through it!!! The action game should help liven me up.  I’ll probably need to Monster up at 10.

Poor voice acting, repetitive gameplay, but a lot of fun and rather engaging even 14-15 hours deep into the day.



The Saints come marching in.  In what is my longest planned continuous stretch.  I will now attempt to play 4 hours of Saints Row IV.  And I’m cracking open a Call of Duty: Ghosts branded, original flavored Monster, so you know it’s good.  This is done while bathing in the Saints Row IV menu music which is revitalizing me by all accounts with its phat beats.  The soundtrack is dope, fly, and some other hip word for excellent.  Keith David, the voice actor for Captain Anderson in Mass Effect, is in the game as a character named: Keith David.  He states that before the alien invasion, “I was 12 hours into Dead Island, now I’ll never finish it.  I will never forgive them for that.”  Upon hearing this, I know I am playing the right video game.  I find the game to be consistently excellent, crazy, and impressive.


I am currently rocking the Uncle Sam attire.


The PS4 is out.  I’m switching over to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.  Better now than later.  I don’t know why I can’t get into Dream Team.  My bet is on the law of diminishing returns.  Ugh… that game spends way too much time in the dream world.  The game kind of gives the player a middle finger, but I continue anyway after a not so surprising “plot-twist.”


Oh, Luigi. Why must you continue to torment me?


Rune Factory 4’s time has come.  There is a lot to like about this game.  Honestly, I didn’t want to stop playing it after a very quick hour.


Some of the ladies.


Due to some people at GiantBomb who took a shower-break during their 24-25 hour marathon sessions, I too am going to do that now before the final 4 hour push.

15 min shower complete.  I feel refreshed, I chug the remaining half of the Monster from earlier and I pop in the Puppeteer.  Solid first impression.  Beautiful game with stunning presentational commitment.



Back to Saints Row, not too tired surprisingly.  I had more of a cool down planned, but I played some stuff out of order.  I only did side-quests in the earlier 2-hour session.  It is time to get to the meat of the game.  A candidate for Most Memorable Moment of 2013 emerges in the form of “Saints of Rage.”  I ended up only doing one main quest mission in the 4 hours I played today.


Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.


And then there was only Flower.


Looks good, great use of music.  Not really relaxing for me at least.  I see the appeal, and it plays on the collector inside of me.  Since I had some time remaining, I decide to give Flow a shot.

Flow handles horribly.  So, how to end the day, the experience on a better note…?


I stare at Tokyo Jungle for a moment.  I select it.  I do a hyena run and die by lion in the third generation.  I actually went a little over time. Cool. See ya next time.


Conclusions form the Experience

1. There literally are not enough hours in the day.

2.  If I do this again, which I would be super up for, I would prefer more of a community atmosphere, and doing something more “themed” would be cool.  Trying to finish as many games as possible instead of starting 7 new games out of 14 from the very beginning would also be fun.

Summary – The Games

7-10am – Final Fantasy VIII

10-11am – Jak & Daxter

11am-12pm – Raw Danger

12-3pm – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

3-5pm – The Wonderful 101

5-7pm – Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

7-9pm – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

9-10pm – Spartan: Total Warrior

10-12am – Saints Row IV

12-2am – Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

2-3am – Rune Factory 4

3-4am – Puppeteer

4-6am – Saints Row IV

6-7am – Flower, Flow, Tokyo Jungle

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3 responses to “24 Hours of Gaming”

  1. Zach Buzan says :

    That sounds like a great day! I need to try that the next time I get a day off. I am impressed you played so many RPGs in one sitting. I am really interested in that Rune Factory 4’s game.

    • Alex Linna says :

      I have enjoyed my two hours or so total with it so far. I’m getting close to the point of being able to play it a lot more. I would like to finish a couple of more games first though.

      It almost suffers from the same thing a GTA game suffers from in being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. But fewer games do the same trades as Rune Factory, whereas many follow GTA. RF4 has elements of farming, governing, courting, adventuring, and monster ranching. I’ll get into it a lot when I finish it and write a review, but if any of that sounds good it might be one to check out.

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