BADGP Reviews: Disney Infinity


Disney Infinity (Disney, Avalanche Software)

Released: August 18, 2013

November 9, 2013

Zach Buzan

Review (PS3): To infinity and beyond!

To infinity and beyond!  These few words really sum up what Disney’s new game, Disney Infinity, is all about. Very much like Activision’s Skylanders, Disney Infinity comes with small models that can be placed into the game with a portal and can be swapped out at anytime. This makes cooperative play really easy and accessible. The game also comes with play set pieces. These represent the story for each different Disney world and they are about ten hours long if you want to collect everything. One of the new objects that make this game different is the power and item tokens. These tokens can be purchased in packs of two and are randomly packed together. The player can place the power tokens underneath their character to give them a certain buff. The item tokens are placed in a different area on the portal so that both players can share them. These items can vary from vehicles to skins for the environment. With both characters and tokens to purchase to enhance the game’s experience, is it worth spending the money?


The graphics for Disney Infinity is nothing special. All of the characters and worlds are made with a cartoony feel to them. Most of the levels have vibrant colors and have simple textures. The character animations are adequate enough for the simple game play. These can all be forgiven if you can look at the big picture at what Disney Infinity tries to accomplish. This game is tasked with bringing every title that Disney owns under the sun and placing them under one giant roof. This is no small task and yet Disney pulls it off.


The gameplay changes slightly with each play set. In Monsters University you spend most of your time sneaking around and scaring other monsters. In Pirates of the Caribbean you get into sword fights and travel the sea on your customizable ship. With all of their differences the games handle very similar to each other. The main differences come with the gadgets you unlock in each of the play sets. The story in each of these play sets are about four hours in length without performing any side quests. As you play each story you will find capsules along the way that contain bits and pieces that you can use in the Toy Box. Collecting all of these capsules is no small task and will take a good chunk of your time finding them all. As you collect items and complete quests your character will level up. There is not much incentive to leveling up your characters except for acquiring the free spin for the Toy Box.


The biggest and most important feature in Disney Infinity is the Toy Box. The Toy Box collects everything you have ever unlocked from all of the play sets and places them in this fully customizable world.  Unlike play sets the player can use any characters or items at anytime in the Toy Box. From making cities and race tracks to building missions the player can do anything they can think up. The big problem with the Toy Box is that the player cannot do much if you start playing in it first. The game forces you to play the play sets first to unlock items and to level up the characters to unlock the free spins.  With the free spins the player is able to acquire items from a randomly generated list at random. This means that if you really want an item shown on the list then best of luck! If you don’t want to spend the time creating your own Toy Box you are still able to download other worlds that players have already made.


With all of its charm and magic, Disney Infinity successfully brings all of Disney’s classics under one roof. With already a large amount of characters to buy and more promised along the way it’s easy to see that there will be large amounts of content to see. This large amount of game play also means a huge hit on your wallet. With play sets valued at thirty dollars and characters at thirteen, players really need to budget themselves if they want to collect everything there is. If you are a big Disney fan and currently looking for a game that has unlimited potential and enjoy collecting figurines then I would gladly recommend this game. If you are a penny pincher and you hate things taking up shelving space then my advice would be to stay away from this game.



6.5 out of 10

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