BADGP Reviews: Tokyo Crash Mobs


Tokyo Crash Mobs (Mitchell, Nintendo)

Released: January 17, 2013

October 7, 2013

Zach Buzan

Review: Crashing Mobs Like a Boss

One of the weirdest games that I have ever played would have to be Tokyo Crash Mob. This is a puzzle game that plays much like Zuma, but instead of using colored spheres, the player throws people in colored suits. The game follows two characters as they throw people into lines of others to reach their own respective goals.  Whether the player is fighting a ninja or trying to get first in line you will be causing genocide to thousands of people as you complete missions.


The story behind Tokyo Crash Mob is very confusing and unpredictable. You play as two characters named Grace and Savannah going through their weird lives. None of the characters speak in the game and that does not help the confusion. The settings change so rapidly in the game that you will find yourself in the city for one mission and then in the mountains for the next. Grace’s story is based around trying to get through long lines in front of buildings. Savannah is trying to protect a button from waves up people that want to push it. The game’s story is based on daily events that end after a week. After the week is over the player can advance the story into the next week. At the end of each week both of the girls fight against a ninja wearing a stop sign on top of his head. The ninja battles have no meaning to the story, and give one more puzzle type to the player.


The game play to Tokyo Crash Mob is quite simple but entertaining. Similar to Zuma the purpose is to match one color of suits together three times to have them disappear from the formation. If you complete a combo of matches the player will receive more time to complete the mission. The main difference in game play style is the ninja missions at the end of each week. These missions use the 3ds gyroscope to move left and right to throw ninjas at other ninjas. Later missions will unlock items for the player to pick up to use for assistance. A ball of yarn and a UFO are some of the items you can pick up. The music in Tokyo Crash Mob is alright but nothing remarkable. The music was almost unnoticed by me because there were so many sound effects blowing up in your face throughout every mission. Whether it was throwing a person, picking up an item or causing a chain reaction of matching there was always something distracting you from the main music.

Tokyo Crash Mob is a very interesting game indeed. Throwing people into each other does not sound like a great time but the game pulls it off. The game does get challenging by the end of it and you can keep on playing to receive better scores and times. The controls are kind of weird but with some time you get used to it. The music is alright with much emphasis on sound effects. Besides the story Tokyo Crash Mob is an all around solid game. With a seven-dollar value on Nintendo’s eShop it is really worth a play through.


6.7 out of 10

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