BADGP Reviews: Mighty Switch Force 2


Mighty Switch Force 2 (WayForward)

Released: June 14, 2013

October 7, 2013

Zach Buzan

Review: May the Switch Be With You

It is time to equip your super soaker! In Mighty Switch Force 2 you play as super powered fire fighter that has a giant mechanized robot and never-ending supply of water. The character’s main function in the game is to force switches in the environment to help her traverse throughout the level. The purpose of the game is for the player to use these powers to save damsels in distress and to figure out what caused all of the fires in the first place.


The game play for the game keeps itself simple at first, but as you progress the game throws in some difficult obstacles. Controls for the character are very tight and responsive to all movements. The use of the switching power was used very well throughout the game and seemed to get more innovative the farther the player got into the game. The monsters that were placed in the stages gave little flavor to the game. While playing the game, I found myself focused more on the puzzles and jumping rather than shooting some creatures with water. Even though some of the puzzles used these monsters well, I found myself tired of shooting water constantly at unimportant enemies.

The music in Mighty Switch Force 2 complimented the game very well. The music kept a very fast and happy beat throughout all of the stages in the game. The soundtrack reminded me of other great games such as Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.  At first, I thought this was great, but by the end of the game I desired some variety. The sound effects are nothing special and there is only a few words ever spoken in the game.


The weakest point in this game would be the story. To start off the game, Mighty Switch Force 2 shows a city on fire and the character transforming into a super firefighter. After transforming the story is non-existent until the last stage. The game’s main focus seems to be entirely on the game play and that is okay in my book. The game is really short and does not need a thick plot to bog down any of the fast-paced action.

The sharp vibrant colors and the cartoony atmosphere made the game standout from a lot of other platform puzzle games I have played this year. With interesting puzzles and a fast paced soundtrack, Mighty Switch Force 2 is easily a game any puzzle fan should get. Even though the game is short, Mighty Switch Force 2 is affordable and a lot of fun.


7.3 out of 10

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