BADGP Reviews: Saints Row IV


Saints Row IV (Volition Inc, Deep Silver)

Released: August 20, 2013

October 4, 2013

Zach Buzan

Review: >Made From Fully Recycled Products<

The gang is back and more outrageous than ever! This time around you play as the president of the United States of America and your gang helps you run the country. Everything seems just fine until the entire world is taken over by a British alien overlord and you are placed in a computer simulated Steelport. It sounds crazy, I know, but that is the tip of the iceberg of the ridiculousness Saints Row 4 dishes out a steady and fulfilling pace.


The presentation of Saints Row 4 is very similar to Saints Row 3. This new game uses the same city but gives it some changes in its appearance and content. The introduction of super powers into this series gives this game a bit of a fresh feel to counter the series’ recycled environment. These powers allow different ways to fight enemies and to traverse terrain throughout the game. The map is littered with a plethora of missions ranging from simple vehicle delivery to blowing up everything in your path with a fully equipped mech.  These missions will keep you busy for many hours after completing the main story arc. Saints Row 4 has one of the best music selections that I have seen from any game in a long time. The game mainly has an electronic feel to it but it also throws in some great tracks. Some of my favorite moments were causing city wide chaos while listening to “Safety Dance”.


The story of Saints Row 4 is far from serious. The story makes many game references throughout the campaign and keeps you smiling with every character’s dialogue. In the campaign, you and your companions try and to take back earth and defeat the aliens that imprisoned them in the “matrix-like” Steel Port. Along this path of humor and destruction, you acquire homies who will aid you in the game.  You will then later take on loyalty missions with them to have them acquire their super homie forms. These missions give some back-story of the character and are usually tremendously entertaining.  Including the controversial mission that got Saints Row 4 banned in Australia due to this particular mission’s rewarding of drug use.


Super powers both help and hinder the game play in Saints Row 4. While these powers give you the chance to be a demi-god in the game, they will also be the reason to forget other features. Why would you need to fly a plane or drive a car when you can glide and run faster than any vehicles available in the game? I also found myself not using any weapons at times and only using my powers. The shooting mechanics are very simple and pretty standard to any sandbox game. The weapon selection and customization in Saints Row 4 are both hilarious. Whether you are killing enemies with explosive wubs with the all-to-hilarious Dubstep Gun or disintegrating enemies into thin air Abduct-O-Matic, the player has a variety of weapons they can wield.

Even though the game uses the same location from the third game and has the same battle mechanics, Saints Row 4 pulls it off through its over-the-top story, great music, and awesome weaponry.


7.5 out of 10

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One response to “BADGP Reviews: Saints Row IV”

  1. Alex Linna says :

    Saints Row IV is one of the most fun games I have played this year. It’s priority on freshness, diversity, and constantly being funny made for a wonderfully entertaining combination.

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