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Game & Wario (Nintendo, Intelligent Systems)

Released: June 23, 2013

October 1, 2013

Alex Linna

Review: Light on Content, Heavy on Fun?

Game & Wario does not have much to it for a mini-game collection.  It is a good thing Nintendo did not ask a full $60 for it, but a reduced $40.  Since there is such a lacking of content, the value proposition that Game & Wario possesses is important.  At $40, Game & Wario might be worth it.  12 single-player minigames and only four multiplayer games make it hard to recommend, but I cannot help but really like most of what Game & Wario has to offer.  This is due to the game’s interesting and innovative use of the WiiU gamepad.

The Games, The Fun


1. Arrow – The player uses the Gamepad in order to destroy the invading army of mini-Warios much like the ninja game in Nintendoland.

2. Shutter – The player takes pictures of characters requested by your boss very much like Pokemon Snap!

3.  Patchwork – The player much solve a jigsaw-like puzzle uses odd shaped pieces.  Kind of like Tetris or Picross, but more like a jigsaw puzzle.


4. Ski – is very much like Slalom on the NES.  The player must avoid obstacles while barreling down a mountain and go through gates for extra points or a faster time.

5. Kung-Fu – The player must alternate their attention from the TV to the Gamepad while remaining on platforms and not plummeting to their doom and collecting dumplings along the way.

6. Gamer – is terrifying.  The player must complete Warioware style games while avoiding be caught by mom.  This proves to be tense and exciting… and perhaps all too familiar.

7. Ashley – is a mildly boring shoot-em-up that largely takes place on the Gamepad.


8. Design – tests the player’s ability to draw specific lengths, angles, and circles.  This is testing, but immediate player improvement is noticeable.

9. Taxi – is a first-person shooter where the player drives a taxi around eliminating UFOs.  This is probably the most game-y game on display in Game & Wario.

10. Pirate – is a strange rhythm game that might or might not involve dancing around like an idiot.  At least it has a good utilization of the Gamepad.

11. Bowling – is a lot like Arrow, but with a bowling ball and the player can alter the path of the ball by tilting the Gamepad.

12. Bird – A Game & Watch remake for Game & Wario.



1. Disco – is another strange rhythm game, but for only two players in a rhythm-off.  One player plays a melody and the other must repeat. The player scores points by getting the notes correct, kind of like Simon.

2. Fruit – beat Spy Party to the punch.  One player is the spy and has to grab fruit while the other players must determine and carefully observe who the spy is.

3. Islands – grew on me over time.  The players compete by launching Fronks onto platforms where other players may knock them off and generally cause chaos.  It is a lot like Boom Blox.

4. Sketch – is Pictionary.



Game & Wario would have made for an excellent WiiU launch title.  It is understandable that Nintendo did not want it to go head-to-head against the far superior Nintendoland, but at least then its lack of compelling content would have been far more forgivable.  My favorites are Gamer, Shutter, Islands, and Sketch.  Design might use the Gamepad in the most interesting and innovative ways though.  It is kind of sad however, that one of the best parts of the game is that it provides a virtual version of Pictionary (and a very good one at that).  There are plenty of good ideas here, most of them hit, some of them miss, but there is simply not enough of it.  If it had five to ten more games it could have been something special… I guess I can go back to playing Nintendoland or just wait for the highly anticipated Wii Party U, which looks like a fantastic system seller.


6.8 out of 10

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