BADGP Reviews: Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut


Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (Rising Star Games, Access Games)

Released: April 30, 2013

August 12, 2013

Alex Linna

Review: Why This Nearly Broken Game is Certainly Worth Playing

Charm over playability.  Realism over practicality.  Identity over conformity.  These are the reasons one should experience Deadly Premonition.

Charm > Playability

The main draw of Deadly Premonition is the game’s unique cast, (trumping even the source material Twin Peaks) good story, and excellent writing.  The characters are just short of insane and many of them hold secrets.  The playable character is Francis York Morgan and he is among the most interesting protagonists of the generation.  His journey throughout Greenvale is captivating and all of the game’s little quirks add to build a unique charm that overlays the entire experience that makes it worth checking out.  The voice acting is also excellent and adds the characters likeability.


Realism > Practicality

I say “realism” loosely, but there are many superfluous mechanics that make Deadly Premonition’s attempt to be more realistic but in fact make it so much more gamey. Deadly Premonition scoffs at convenience making the player manage hunger and sleep meters and there is a noticeable lack of fast travel.  The lack of fast travel would not be so bad were it not for how slow the vehicles drive and how huge the map is, so be prepared to drive 5-10 minutes to the next location.  Most of this adds to the games Charm and Identity but the mechanic I did not appreciate was the passage of time and time management.  York can smoke to make the hours disappear, but I would always find myself within two hours of a meeting so I would go make a sandwich take a bathroom break and still have wait for the next objective to show up.


Identity > Conformity

As one can surely tell, the characters and near broken systems at work in Deadly Premonition form an extremely unique identity for the game.  This is added to by the crazy music (often Twin Peaks inspired as well).  Everything comes together in a way that is most certainly greater than a sum of its parts.  Sure, it could be compared to the likes of Resident EvilSilent Hill, or Grand Theft Auto, but then again I have not heard of a game that takes influence from such diverse sources (maybe some of Suda’s stuff).  There is nothing like Deadly Premonition and it does not want to be like anything but what it is.


The Recommendation

Deadly Premonition possesses some brilliant scenes and scenarios that are more than worth seeing, however nearly everything that is good in the game is countered by some poor gameplay execution.  This makes the game conflicting, but that is a part of the Deadly Premonition experience.  It throws all its eggs in the story/characters basket, but makes it hard to get to the bonkers conclusion.  There are also several tests to recap some of the chapters which is fun.


7.8 out of 10

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