BADGP Reviews: Remember Me


Remember Me (DonTnod, Capcom)

June 11, 2013

Review: >Insert Obligatory Alzheimer’s Joke Here<

Alex Linna

What is Remember Me?

Remember Me is a third person action game from DonTnod studios who are based in France.  Remember Me is their first game and their name is a palindrome, so points for that. Remember Me is a highly polished product, new IP, and stars a female protagonist therefore: it stands no chance at retail this late in a console cycle.  This is unfortunate despite what middling and conflicting reviews say, Remember Me is a memorable experience and I believe it has a place in the current gaming landscape. 



Remember Me has some fantastic menus and overall aesthetic.  The setting is a near-future, near-dystopic Minority Report feel to it.  The voice acting is largely great especially the lead character, Nilon voiced by Kezia Burrows.  A few poor performances are given by the various guards especially the guard captain.  There is some neat camera work and the game’s style carries it a long way.  It does not hurt that the game is incredibly good looking.  Several of my favorite tracks of 2013 are provided by the orchestral and electronica fusion in Remember Me’s soundtrack. 

Remember Me’s narrative begins with Nilon waking in a cell without her memory and the story is a journey of self-discovery through memory recovery.  Nilon is a memory hunter and possesses the ability to steal or alter people’s memories. This leads her to question her motives and grays the morality significantly.  It is a very dark gray however with the super dark memory remix scenarios where Nilon can manipulate memories to her liking.  Nilon joins a perceived terrorist faction that refers to themselves as… uh… the “Errorists.”  Despite some cheese in the naming conventions, the story is strong until the very end where a spontaneous and unnecessary final boss reveals itself outside of any logical context. 

How Does it Play?

The puzzle-y remix sections were my favorite parts of the game.  Even if they are essentially simple switch flipping puzzles, I found it intensely entertaining to see how the memory will unfold with minor changes.  The combat system is interesting and unique.  It appears overly complex at first, but is quite simple in reality.  Building one’s own combos is a fun experimental process.  There are two main flaws in the combat system, however.  Nilon is constantly dodging and this makes it frustratingly difficult to successfully pull off the longer combos.  The game is not overly difficult, but can be frustrating at times.  The worst part of the game is an enemy that damages the player when struck.  The player is encouraged to use a special “1-hit KO” move to deal with these enemies, but there are encounters where three of them spawn.  More enemy types would have been appreciated in this 7-10 hour experience.


Concluding on Remember Me

Remember Me has a lot of good things going for it.  An excellent art direction and presentational cleanliness make it pleasant to look at, and an innovative combat system of building your own combos was a refreshing idea despite not being perfectly refined.  I see Remember Me in a similar light of how I see Naughty Dog’s Uncharted games: it’s a sightseeing tour.  The platforming is hardly skill based and solely exists for the developers to say, “Hey, look at all this awesomeness we made! Isn’t it pretty!?”  Remember Me has a little more depth than Uncharted but not the excellent pacing nor strong supporting cast that Naughty Dog crafted.  Remember Me is certainly worth playing and strives for greatness, but falls just short. I will be anxious to see what DonTnod cooks up next with Remember Me as a solid first effort.

7.9 out of 10

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