BADGP Reviews: DMC: Devil May Cry

Reviewed by Derek Buzan


For a game franchise that started back in 2001, Dante is back and ready to cut loose in his new rebooted title. With Capcom giving the reins to Ninja Theory, they have revamped the world to give a fresh new look and feel to the already loved arrogant demon slayer.

In DmC the player gets to play as the character Dante. Right off the bat, the player can tell that Dante has no recollection of his past or even what he is, and is soon approached by demons and hunters that want to kill him while at the same time dragging him into Limbo.  Limbo is not a black and white world, but a form of hell where only demons inhabit and cannot harm the real world. This plays as a double-edged sword for Dante, for he can fight demons but cannot do anything to help in the real world. To help with this problem Dante meets up with a girl named Kat, who has “wicken” powers. She is able to make portals in rifts, the areas where Limbo and the real world meet, which in turns helps Dante travel to and from Limbo. She is also an assistant to the leader of the “Order”, which you will find out later is your brother Virgil. Virgil has created this order to kill demons and help free humans from the wicked antagonist, Mundus. Mundus is an evil god and has been in Dante’s life before, but plans to rule the world with humans being enslaved to his will. I don’t want to ruin any bit of the great story but Dante, but you will find out why Dante hates Mundus with a fiery passion.   After finding out who he is, Dante goes on a crash course to find and kill Mundus, while finding new weapons on the way.

The gameplay in DmC is your old hack and slash formula with some shooting and a twist. The twist is the fact that you can switch between weapons at any time during combat, making for easier and more creative combos. From a big arsenal of weapons, each plays differently with different uses. You come across 10 weapons to use, including the grab and pull mechanic from your grappling hooks, to use for combos that you create or try to muster between the waves of enemies that the game throws at you. Within these waves there are certain enemies that are weaker to certain weapons than others, and when the game throws multiple enemies with different weaknesses, it will test the player on how he wants to dispatch the demons, hopefully in an efficient way, for if he does not, the player will lack in style and get a bad score for the wave. The scores are ranked like older DMC Games, such as D, C, B, A  and so forth till SSS, and with a better score your character will earn more points to unlock new skills and abilities to use.  Apart from the fighting sections of the game, there are a few moments where Dante must do a little bit of platforming with the help of his Devil and Angel grappling hooks. While the Devil hook pulls things towards you, and the Angel hook pulls you towards the anchor point, this creates for some strong platforming areas with grabbing and pulling of platforms.

The soundtrack in DmC is mostly made up of metal music, with some screamo tracks. This does not pull the player from the gameplay but actually enhances it, from my own experience. I found myself bobbing my head back and forth, with an occasional toe tap here and there, while trying to rack up some style points. While the music makes me come back for more, there are tons of items to purchase and abilities to upgrade that not even a single playthrough could yield enough currency to purchase them all. With that said, all of your items and abilities will be unlocked for other playthroughs on different difficulties, so playing on harder difficulties won’t seem too daunting.

The game’s graphics are really good looking for the most part. There are times when you will find faults or that the game likes to freeze up switching between cutscenes. These problems never detract from the gameplay and they won’t stop you to come back for some more; overall this is one cool looking game. Some of the best looking moments are in Limbo, because buildings and streets get ripped apart and become a completely a new environment. There are several levels where you will be running for your life and buildings will come to life for the sole purpose to squash you into jelly. With layers of streets flying around your head and buildings being ripped apart this world is all but sane.

For my verdict, this game is awesome. It has your action, it has crazy combos that you create, the soundtrack insists that you head bang to play this game, and Dante still has his one-liners that makes his character just that much more enjoyable. Even though it is not a DMC game that fans are used to, Ninja Theory puts their necks out on the line to bring us a game that is trying to rekindle the DMC flame and hopefully create a game newcomers will love.


+Cool fighting mechanics

+ High Replay value

+ Rocking soundtrack   

+ Not like other DMC


–          Cut scenes could be smoother

–          Not like other DMC         




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